Importance of SLP to Research on Ageing and Well-being

The monthly surveys that the participants completed help the Centre understand ageing trends in Singapore.

Our Methodology

The Singapore Life Panel employs an advanced and rigorous methodology that allows a population representative sample of older adults in Singapore to complete our monthly surveys online.

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Welcome To The Centre For Research On Successful Ageing (ROSA)

What is ROSA?

ROSA is a multidisciplinary research centre based in SMU. It was established with an MOE Tier 3 social sciences research grant and the generous support of the Ngee Ann Kongsi. Research at ROSA seeks to define and measure a holistic construct of well-being and to identify the factors that impact Singaporeans’ well-being as they progress through the later phases of life.

Through close collaboration with government and other partner agencies, ROSA also aims to translate research insights into policy innovations that advance the well-being of older adults holistically and promote successful ageing in Singapore. ROSA brings together a diverse team of leading international and local researchers in ageing and age-related issues from various disciplines.

Through empirical evidence derived from a longitudinal methodological approach, the multidisciplinary and multi-institutional research team advances propositions that promote successful ageing in Singapore.


ROSA’s primary vision is to help create a society that is well-prepared to overcome the challenges faced by an ageing population. To this end, the centre will strive to harness the many insights provided by academic research across multiple disciplines on the ageing situation to inform policy recommendations that improve the well-being of older adults.


ROSA aims to conduct high-quality research on issues relating to the well-being of ageing populations and to contribute to a better understanding of the issues in Singapore and other countries in Asia. By continuing to develop a research platform with the infrastructure for high-frequency surveying and a panel for longitudinal studies, it will serve as a resource hub and position SMU as a regional leader in the international network of centres for research on ageing.

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Vision & Mission

About ROSA

Faculty leadership at SMU’s Centre for Research on Successful Ageing (ROSA) talk about the Centre and its focus on high-quality research on holistic well-being for older adults in Singapore.
5 May 2021 (5mins)

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ROSA Leadership


Ngee Ann Kongsi

The Ngee Ann Kongsi

The Ngee Ann Kongsi is a non-profit Teochew philanthropic organisation focused on educational, cultural and charitable activities in Singapore, while placing a deep emphasis on preserving the Teochew heritage. The organisation is an active advocate in education. It was founded in 1845 by Teochew immigrants from China to provide welfare services for its members, and was formally incorporated under the Ngee Ann Kongsi (Incorporation) Ordinance in 1933.


Ministry of Education, Singapore

Ministry of Education

The research at ROSA is also supported by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, under its Academic Research Fund Tier 3 programme (Award reference number MOE2019-T3-1-006).


About CREA, Our Predecessor

About CREA, Our Predecessor

The Centre for Research on Successful Ageing (ROSA) was previously known as the Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing (CREA). CREA was established in 2014 at the Singapore Management University (SMU) with the support of a Ministry of Education (MOE) Academic Research Fund Tier 3 Grant, and embarked to carry out a long-term programme of economic research on Singapore’s ageing population.

With an impressive team under the leadership of Professor Bryce Hool, Director of CREA, the Centre went on to launch the Singapore Life Panel® (SLP), the world’s largest high-frequency longitudinal survey on ageing. Over five years, the CREA team conducted 60 waves of the SLP and used the collected data to conduct cutting-edge research. The Centre was also actively engaged with local stakeholders and policymakers, ensuring that CREA made a tangible difference in the lives of Singaporean older adults.

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