In 2020, the SGUnited Traineeships Programme introduced a group of talented fresh graduates to hone their skills in research at ROSA. With the liberty to explore their interests, our trainees are exposed to a myriad of opportunities from data collection and data processing to data analysis and research communication. 

The ROSA Traineeship experience is personalisedrigorous, and playful



Once they enter ROSA, our trainees are provided with the resources they require to craft and embark on their personalised journey that is catered to their individual passion and aspirations. Every month, our trainees will be invited to have a private conversation with ROSA, about their goals, plans and achievements so far. This helps trainees clearly envision who they wish to be and what skills they wish to possess before their integration with the job market or engagement in further studies.



The traineeship programme hones our trainees' endurance in the demanding scientific process. Our trainees are encouraged to participate in data science workshops, academic conferences and research related seminars to learn directly from the work of experts in the field. Furthermore, each trainee acts as a research assistant on at least two to three different research projects throughout their journey, beginning from data processing to presenting their findings in the form of a research proposal, a brief, or a working paper. Additionally, our trainees are free to submit their work for international appraisal at research conferences after going through a rigorous process of critique and revision with our expert panel of researchers here at ROSA. 



With a total of eleven trainees onboard, there is never a dull moment in the ROSA office. Our trainees are encouraged to interact, collaborate, and facilitate each other's growth, and they do so via fun discussion sessions virtually and physically. Creative thinking is spurred on at ROSA as we believe there is no such thing as an idea too crazy to be left unspoken and meetings with our trainees are always insightful. The ROSA openness to experience allows our trainees to express their vision freely in an environment that is welcoming and validating. 


      In my time at ROSA, I managed to establish a solid foundation in data science and research. Working with various elite academics allowed me to explore my interest in different areas of research and ultimately lent aid in my decision to embark on further studies. ROSA has not only provided me with the resources to learn and grow, but also given me freedom to explore my interests and make good connections along the way.    

- Frosch Quek, Research Assistant (Trainee)


Frosch Quek

      ROSA has given me the opportunity to work with monthly panel data with large sample sizes. Having the freedom to perform my own analyses and explore the data at my own discretion has allowed me to gain first-hand experience for research. The topics I explored (caregiving, resilience, and optimism) gave me a deeper understanding of the various factors that play a part in affecting the well-being of the elderly in Singapore. Through my experience in ROSA, I have acquired quantitative and qualitative analytical skills which can be applied to future projects.    

- Daron Lee, Research Assistant (Trainee)


Daron Lee
Jee Yuen

      Through collaborative research work done in ROSA with my supervisors and colleagues from different disciplines, I was able to broaden my perspective towards different social issues and research methods, and hone my research and data science skills. Lastly, with the latitude accorded to me in terms of time management, I was able to take up courses that allowed me to further explore my interests and broaden my knowledge in economics and data science.   

- Yew Jee Yuen, Research Assistant (Trainee)


Jia Wei

      During my traineeship in ROSA, I was challenged to try things outside of my comfort zone such as coding, socioeconomic and psychology research, yet always given a supportive environment to lean on whenever I had difficulty with the work. It allowed me to test the waters for my many interests and to take initiative on the projects I was interested in, and also gave me a foothold for the future ahead.   

- Gwee Jia Wei, Research Assistant (Trainee)


      As someone who was not a SMU graduate, finding the ROSA traineeship that catered to my wide variety of interest was a blessing. My time at ROSA also challenged me to learn and deepen my understanding regarding the qualitative aspects of research, something that I had little exposure to previously. I gained a greater appreciation for the issues and policies ROSA focused on and was glad that they allowed trainees to take charge of projects by providing them with the support needed to carry out their tasks at hand.    

- Srivathsan Anirudh , Research Assistant (Trainee)

      ROSA supports my professional development by providing me with opportunities to cultivate my interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills, mainly through managing and training student assistants. I have learned the value of situational leadership, which has served useful when navigating complex situations, dealing with a range of communication styles at work, and completing different tasks. As ROSA is a nurturing environment, I was given the opportunity to grow at my own pace and acquired both soft and hard skills along the way. ROSA became my stepping stone into the working world and shaped me in many ways which opened up multiple opportunities. Ultimately, the lessons and experiences faced here are irreplaceable and will assist me greatly for my next step in my working life.  

- Nur Syafiqah Binte Abdullah , Research Assistant (Trainee)

      I am grateful to have experienced and learn what goes into research project and how much work and detail goes into every stage. Initially, I felt slightly overwhelmed by my responsibilities, but the support from my supervisors and other trainees made me more confident as time went on. I managed to learn different skills from working with them, such as communication, interpersonal, and practical skills. Overall, my positive experience at ROSA has also sparked my interest in ageing studies which I hope to pursue in the future.   

- Erra Natalia Binte Sayri, Research Assistant (Trainee)

      ROSA enriches my intellectual experience by providing opportunities to work on a diverse range of projects as I witness how different fields supplement each other in the study of Gerontology. What I treasure most from my time here is collaborating with other budding researchers who demonstrate great passion and technical ability. I am constantly learning from other research assistants, forging friendships, and receiving guidance from my mentors – ROSA supports my academic pursuits with its strong network of talented individuals.   

- Nadya Haifan, Research Assistant (Trainee)


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